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Sweater Weather...

fall is here! the weather has been a little cooler lately but we're embracing the chilly sweater weather.

we're lucky enough to live in a pretty amazing area for young families with a park near by in every direction & some amazing trail systems to explore. we love being outside!

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Goodbye Summer...

this summer has truly been the best yet! two littles, one amazing husband, gorgeous weather & best of all, the memories we made together :) 

we were lucky enough to get some snaps of us as a family of four to close out what's been a time in our lives to remember & cherish forever!

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Little Girl...

my little magnolia is five months old already & i can honestly say i don't know when that happened. she's eating solids, rolling all over the place, trying to crawl, almost sitting up & chatting her days away. the way she looks at her older brother is enough to make tears run down my cheeks & beam with boundless pride. she loves her books, her toys & her puppy.

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Lost Connections...

if you know me, you know i'm a worrier. i worry. about lots. most of the time. & if you really know me, you also know that it's something i try hard to deal with. i make little victories everyday. leading a healthier, happier life working towards understanding my anxiety.


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Currently Crushing...

summer is finally here! woo! to celebrate i thought i'd share a little rundown of what i'm currently crushing on. i have a little ongoing list of my 'current crushes' (products, articles, freebies, inspirations & even people i love to follow on social media), so i think it's time to actually share some of them with you.

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