Being in my early thirties have brought with it so many new quirks but never did I imagine I would be the person who, on vacation, longs for their own bed. We recently went away on a fantastic family trip & though we could not have had a better time as a family, I missed my Endy mattress & pillow more than I can express. Nights just weren’t the same & I’m so glad to report we’re home & back to our beloved bed!

Having now slept on my Endy mattress for well over 100 nights, I can proudly say I am an official convert! I’ve recommended the mattress to every single person in my personal life & to all of you, time & time again because it’s just that good!

It’s not only helped me with the back & neck discomfort throughout the day with its innovative Endy Comfort Foam that helps to reduce pressure points through its open cell structure but it’s helped keep me cooler during the night too. As someone who has had a less than symbiotic relationship with sleep, I’ve been able to recalibrate my anxiety heading to bed each night & I actually look forward to it for the first time in a long while.

Even my husband, Mr. I Can Sleep Anywhere, is now a die hard Endy man. We’ve both noticed such a difference in our overall sleep experience & are so thankful for a direct to consumer, made in Canada mattress that dreams are literally made of!


If you’re in the market for a new mattress or want to see what the well deserved hype is all about you can use my discount code TANIA50 to save $50 off any size Endy mattress! And if you really want the entire experience, don’t forget to throw their incredibly supportive pillow & glorious sheets in your cart too!


Thank you so much to Endy for partnering with me on this post & for giving me the most restorative sleeps of my life! #EndyPartner #Ad