it's not often that something comes through the post that gets me all teary eyed + sentimental, but our friends from Artifact Uprising have done it again! we're so happy to help introduce Volumes by Artifact Uprising, an app based service that helps take our more cherished moments out of our phones + into our hands.

it was such a thrill for us to collect 50 images per volume, edit + approve them, pick our book option + colour (we went with The Legacy Book featuring a linen cover, foil stamping + ultra thick pages... one in each colour) + come up with a title that reflects us best before receiving them directly to our doorstep. we've named our Volumes 'The Adventures Of Us' + can't wait to continue adding to our collection. The Volumes app will create the next book for us automatically after we've added 50 more photos to our chosen photos album (here are some helpful tips on Organizing Your Phone Photos, tip #2 is by yours truly + fitting for this application!)

our family are adventurers at heart + i'm so thankful that these gorgeous books are an easy way for us to hold on to our most cherished times together with minimal work on our end, giving us more time to explore. our little old soul, Magnolia, has flipped through each book over five times squealing in delight each time she spots someone she loves (which is... you guessed it- on every page!)

endlessly thankful to Artifact Uprising for partnering with us on this post + for all of you for reading!