it's World Mental Health Day 2017...

today is World Mental Healthy Day + to 'celebrate' i thought i'd collect a little sampling of some pieces i've done on my personal struggle with mental health if anyone is looking to feel a little less alone or learn about my journey...

THIS one is for the moms out there struggling with anxiety!

THIS (#5) is for those struggling with their body image in respect to their mental health!

THIS is a bit about how blogging has helped me connect to other people who are struggling!

THIS is about what NOT TO SAY about my anxiety!

THIS about how my mental health struggles has made in an AWESOME MOM!

i take my commitment of interjecting my personal experience with mental health issues into every single opportunity i'm awarded on any given platform extremely seriously! the destigmatization of these issues happen when we speak openly + shamelessly about the ways our mental health impact our lives + how we've learned to manage them, making more opportunities for these conversations to happen.


i'm Tania + i struggle daily with mental health issues! i say this here loud + proud to keep myself accountable. to connect to people who understand me. to reach out to those who are scared + to let you know help is out there if you just take the first little step in asking for it!