last month i got the absolute pleasure of visiting the Eloquii HQ [in NYC!] + getting all the glam treatment as we shot a wonderful series they do called Spotlight Series called Style & Substance! i was both incredibly flattered + absolutely terrified to shoot the series as it's so wildly out of my comfort zone but 2016 has been such a transitional year for the personally that i knew i had to take a leap + just finish it off with a bang!

nothing could beat the inspirational tone of being surrounded by more than thirty amazing women who make up the in house Eloquii Team [talk about girl power!], my husband [shout out the man that literally always supports me no matter what] + to the crew who worked tirelessly on my shoot! i've never felt so comfortable + empowered in my life!

i also got the opportunity to answer a few questions, interview style, + got chatting about some of my favourite topics; motherhood, family, body image, mental health issues, fashion + beauty!

head here to see my interview + here to shop all my looks!

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