santa brought daddy a coffee roaster for christmas [selfishly knowing that santa, himself, would directly benefit... mmm, fresh coffee] + we've been drinking some pretty epic cups since it's arrival! the kids have been super interested in the entire process [of both roaster + brewing the coffee] + since dustin's new years resolution was to support them when they'd like to try something new [even if we think it's outside of their abilities], all three of my favourite people learned how to carefully brew up my very first cup of coffee of 2017!

of course initially i was terrified [coffee!? hot water!? glass vessel!? two small children!?] but i keep my nervous vibes away from them as best i could as daddy took them through the entire  process while basically delivering a flawless science + math lesson all at once... super dad if you ask me! the kids were totally engaged, so very careful + asking more pretty amazing questions, they never cease to amaze me!

moral of the story... daddy was right. when they're well supported + engaged... kids can do so much more than we think they can. he made a sweet little ig post about his resolution here that made my mama heart flutter + i think i'm now fully on board with taking our littlest peoples lead in 2017 + trying all the things. especially if it means more cups full of love from these three.

cheers guys + happy new year!

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