hi, hi, hi, hi & hi!

i haven’t done this in a while because… well, life (can i get an amen!?) we’ve had a rough, wonderful, messy, complicated, incredible, fun, fulfilling year & we’re absolutely exhausted in the best possible way! challenges have popped up, priorities have shifted & we’re making insanely drastic changes for the health, wellbeing & overall wholeness of our family.

first things first, we’re moving to prince edward county! you can learn loads about how incredible pec is here, here & here if you ever want to visit! we’ve broke ground on our new home on a few acres (photo above of our babes flying a kite on the property) that we’ve spent years designing, finalizing & dreaming about. it’s both terrifying & very exciting all at once but in our hearts, we can't wait to get out there. the house we’re in now officially closes closer to the end of the summer (so. much. packing.) & though our house won’t be ready just yet, we’ll be moving into an apartment space of another commercial building we’ve also purchased (ahh. i know, we’re insane!) it’s an 1875 red brick beauty with the most magical tin roofed carriage house you’ve ever seen along back & only minutes from our soon to be home. plan being, that we’ll start renovations soon on the apartment so that we can move there in the meantime (later it will be an Airbnb & we SO hope you’ll come stay with us!) & we’ll renovate (& hopefully rent out! who wants to bring their awesome creative business to the county!?) three retail spaces on the main floor once we’ve settled. see, i told you lots was changing!

we’re hoping that the commercial property (above) will provide a bit more stability & also, freedom to make this unconventional jump into a slower paced life. right now dustin & i have amazing work opportunities that we can manage mostly from home, two little ones that are still very flexible & a dream we just couldn’t shake! 

as exciting as it all sounds & as personal as it all is, the truth is that we're doing it all for our two littles. they're, as we're leaning, are unique learners & we've been faced with big choices as to what life was going to look like for them, especially now that they're almost school aged. for now, we've opted to homeschool starting in the fall. we're in the midst of sorting everything (all of the scary, overwhelming things) out in terms of what which principles we're going to pull from, what are days will look like & what our (& their!) priorities are when it comes to their education.

right now, i'm looking most forward to getting into our new home, being close to the beach, planting a garden, cooking together, getting chickens (ah!), setting up a studio space for both us & the kids, talking about a future pool, decorating our space, dreaming up future businesses & getting to know everything about the place we will soon call home. 

we're over the moon & can't wait to document each + every step of the way!