yay, christmas + holidays + family + fun + love + all the happy, merry things! everyone survive the holiday rush!? we had such a great time celebrating THREE (you heard me...) times + though by the end henri + magnolia were exhausted, we honestly had the nicest celebrations! 

i thought i'd share a few snaps from the final christmas bash, the one that took place in the comfort of our own home on christmas morning! (shout out to my parents who joined us + did all the things because of course daddy threw out his back on christmas eve... poor daddy!)

this girl + her shoes are so funny, she's obsessed! she got a new pair + was over the moon!

+ of course, this boy was happiest with a little ballon powered car that inevitably turned into just the balloon itself but hey, isn't it always that way!? the simplest things really do bring about the greatest joys!

santa brought a load of awesome new costumes to add to their dress up trunk + they've been a huge hit! my kids love playing dress up + it's so cool to watch their imaginations run wild. if santa can make a little suggestion; the day after halloween is the perfect time to stock up on all those clearance costumes + put them away for the holidays!

cardboard box... for hours... who even needs gifts!?

santa brought this mama an awesome letter board + i'm obsessed! i've had to really curb my urge to put a swear word up on it for shock value but santa was able to keep things clean for a fun little message to the kids christmas morning. haha.


that balloon...

last but not least, this funny girl in her absolutely hilarious strong man costume! i swear the costumes are as much as a gift for the parents as they are for the kids... we're still laughing about it!