winter is in full swing over here [so. much. snow.] + though i do change around my skin care routine quite drastically to prepare for the colder weather [maybe i'll do a post about this too...] i usually make a few swaps to my daily makeup routine as well! i know lots of you will be used to the standard 'holiday' makeup bits [bold red lips, cat eyes + loads of glitter] but i tend to abandon the trends a bit + make more subtle changes that make me look [+ feel] much more comfortable!

because i'm obviously quite a bit paler during the winter, i shift my makeup towards warmer, bronzier tones to warm up my complexion + create less harshness. i love using the laura mercier oil-free tinted moisturizer in nude [natural finish] over my daily moisturizer + primer as a base. dare i say... this may be my favourite tinted moisturizer of all time! i like using it on its own, mixed in with a bit of foundation on days when i need a bit more overall coverage + even mixed together with a bronzing or illuminating liquid formula on days when my skin is falling a little flat. it's not drying, not oily + gives such a natural glow to the skin. obsessed. 


next i use the hourglass ambient lighting edit in surreal light to set my base + concealer with surreal light, to bronze up + contour my face a bit with surreal bronze light, to bring a natural flush back the apple of my cheeks with surreal glow [+ surreal effect] + to subtly highlight with surreal strobe light!  i use this palette in so many different ways but what i love most is how much you can achieve with such a compact [+ beautiful! the packaging has a marbled effect] product! i love mixing the two blush shades together depending on my tan level + i especially love how i can use any or all of the colours on my eyes to create an awesome nude + natural look. this is a must have for travellers! 

for my eyes, i've recently discovered maybelline's eye studio color tattoo eyeshadow in the shade bad to the bronze! apparently this product has a cult like following + i can see why! it's affordable, easy to use + compact. i put on over an eye shadow primer using a fluffier blending eye shadow brush + i can't get enough of it. even though i typically use it all on its own on my lids, the reflective pigment creates such dimension in different lights- it's almost like you have two different lid + crease colours in one once you get it on! i also love to smoke it out up top my crease + then pack in a gold toned powder shadow just on the lid area on a night out!

brows. brows. brows. obsessed with them, don't feel complete without them done + the bolder, the better! benefit's goof proof brow pencil easy shape & fill [i'm the shade medium 04] has to be one of the easiest way i've found to create bold brows. it's creamy but not too creamy, angled perfectly + lasts all day long. it has a great brush on the other end too which is perfect for smoothing out parts of your brow where you may have gone a bit heavy handed. it's such a forgiving product + once set with a brow gel- makes your face caterpillars look like a million bucks!

last but hardly least comes lips! everyone knows nude lips are where it's at right now but if you're like me, you might find that the shades are a bit too close to the colour of your actual skin + washes you out. i love the idea of a bolder lip this time of year as well, but for day to day i want something in between. mac's lipstick in runway hit [matte] might look a bit intimidating out of the tube but trust me, give it try + fall in love with it! i like to press it into my lips as best i can after i apply it + find it gives such a lift to my face without being as much of a contrast as a red lip would be. my perfect punchy, peachy nude! it's my unlikely lip game staple for this time of year!

would love to hear about how you're changing up your makeup in these cooler [let's be real, freezing!] months, i'm always on a hunt for my next favourite product!