if you haven't already noticed on ig, my kids are kind of (extremely) obsessed with super heroes right now! last year for christmas we gifted them a 'dress up chest' of sorts + have been slowly adding to their growing collection of costumes. no matter how new or exciting our most recent addition is, they always find their way back to their super hero gear + i love it! 

our beloved bernese mountain dog, leah, was included (forced) in on the action over the weekend + oh, am i glad she was! our girl is such a tolerant pup who loves her brother + sister fiercely. dustin + i couldn't get over how patient she was being with them... with all the overly enthusiastic requests by h + m, she obliged kindly to each + every one!

her given super hero name is 'super leah,' obvi!

super henri, super nola + super leah... you three are kind of the best squad going, if you ask me!