we've been working on some fun little projects in these parts + have been desperately trying to document as much as possible for the kids to look back on! dustin + i always talk about those wonderfully horrendous home videos that we've been made to suffer through time + time again from our childhoods. sadly, there's a real lack of those little perfectly imperfect snip-its of time to look back on for our babes generation because of all the perfection that goes on in our complex, over edited world of social media. we've vowed to start pulling out our little camera from time to time, dialling it to the 'record' setting + start capturing bits of life right now just as they are! hope you enjoy our little jaunt to the forest a few weeks back. there is no better time to get outside then the fall in our opinion- perfectly chilly weather, all those beautiful colours + the sound of rustling leaves!

also, i seriously vow to work on my whole steady hand situation... sorry if you get sea sick watching this haha