these two... man! i mean yes, they're siblings + spend most of their time together but it's so cool to watch a friendship blossom beyond the ties of just being brother + sister. little inside jokes they keep to themselves, endless strategizing (the great escape from baby gates are their speciality!), uncontrollable laughter after a simple glance at each other + all the incredible traits they pull out of one another. bath time is their favourite, something they still do together + look so forward to! dust + i chat sometimes + wonder about how things change between siblings bonds as they grow up. we always conclude that our main job is to cast any of our fears as parents aside + stay out of the way as much as possible. let them enjoy each other, build each other up, hang out, talk, trust + love each other in their own time + ways!

i couldn't help but capture a few REALLY FREAKIN' SWEET moments between them at bath time last week. they took turns washing each others hair, gently(ish) splashing water at each other to make the other laugh, while stealing kisses in between. all their moments together don't look like these, i assure you, but they are happening more + more often lately, something i'm so very thankful for!