we love taking weekends extra slow usually, so during our extra lazy saturday last week we decided to make a batch of fresh homemade chocolate chip cookies! we used this recipe (martha can do no wrong! except for that one time...) + they were truly the perfect cookie. recipe side note: we didn't have parchment paper like recipe called for to bake the cookies on, but a bit of butter on the cookie sheet in its place worked for us.

we love to get in the kitchen together + it's especially fun now that the kids are a bit older. they're so curious at this age, asking about a million questions + wanting to do everything all on their own. it's fun to see them take the lead + what better motivation than cookies at the end of it all, right!?

this girl + that batter = a match made in cookie heaven...

what are some of your go to's when you want to cook with the kids? right now ours are super into the whole scrambling part of making scrambled eggs in the morning but their true passion lies in asking for, peeling + subsequently abandoning clementines more than i'd care to admit. we ask them every time... 'are you going to eat it? the whole thing? promise!?' liars.

couldn't leave out this little montage of henri's cookie batter sugar rush taking over... this boy sang into that spatula + danced all around the kitchen the whole time the cookies were in the oven. we all had a good giggle, so thankful for our funny boy who's never afraid to get silly!