anyone else been dreading all the cold + flus that this wonderful time of year brings? us too. we've already been hit once with colds all around, so we're taking some necessary precautions + hoping we stick to them to ward off as many sick days as we possibly can!

we invested in a citrus juicer + have so far been pretty awesome at giving our immunity a little boost each morning with some fresh squeezed o.j.! apart from the obvious health benefits, it's also a real crowd pleaser with the kids. something we all take a bit of time to do together in the morning + we're loving it! i like that's it's something the kids can really get into + start build a bit of confidence in the kitchen. they take turns (mostly) nicely + since they did it 'all by themselves,' that pride also makes them drink it all up once they've finished juicing.

what are some tips you guys have for extra healthy vibes in these cooler months? dust + i have also being making ginger shots for ourselves in addition to our morning o.j.... they're gross but do the trick. plus they usually put us into an uncontrollable laughing fit after we get to see each others post ginger shot faces... bleh! 

check out magnolia's stealth scowl at her brother... he's a total juicer hog but that girl holds her own, haha! cheers :)