oh, holiday traditions are in full swing over here + we are having a good ol' time!

the kids had the best time decorating our gingerbread house a few weeks ago (guys, i bought one that was preassembled cause 2 + 4 year olds don't do the whole patience thing all that well just yet- but really, who does?!) also, by decorating i mean half sticking candy to the house... half just stuffing as many treats as possible into their little faces, haha.

the sugar rush became evident with they broke out into a major dance party mid decorating, dustin + i were in stitches watching them! they're a really hilarious type of crazy- we can't get enough.

magnolia is a force of her own! we giggle in awe of her personality about a hundred times a day + her hand on hip, icing bag straight in her mouth moment is probably one of my proudest moments, hahaha. she's just the coolest human + it's so fun to watch her do her own thing.

apparently a celebratory little 'cheers' were in order... i just imagine their little brains synching up + going 'CAN YOU BELIEVE THESE ROOKIES GAVE US FULL TUBES OF SUGAR!? SCORE!' 

last, but not least, a sweet little moment between them. these happen sometimes + i choke up more often than not... love is the coolest but sibling, holiday love is the absolute best!