i'm not complaining (they're usually really healthy kids) but total bummer if you ask us. this was the first year that they (henri especially) 'got it' so it was even a little extra heartbreaking. but we did get out to do some fun shots in their costumes before the real nasty part of their colds set in. it's funny just how much photographs capture their budding personalities. currently, henri is a carefree, busy body who goes between impossibly huge smiles + looks of total disappointment from one shot to the next. whereas magnolia is a more even keeled version of 'leave the eff alone + stop telling me to smile'; vibes i can totally relate to!

after contemplating for what seemed to be an eternity, they decided on beauty & the beast for their final looks. henri's little face lit up to oblivion when he finally saw his costume + nola was just beyond pleased that she got a wand (which quickly became a sword)! 

+ then... they did this. held each other + swayed, holding each other tight. the perfect movie moment right in front of our eyes, in real life! i did what any other mother would do; i cried, snapped as many photos as humanly possible + almost exploded. 

 so miss magnolia, with your furrowed brow (she's happy, i swear!) + mister henri full of excitement, we can't wait for an epic trick-or-treating session next year! 

hope everyone had a wonderfully festive night with your littles... NOW WHO'S READY FOR CHRISTMAS!? (too soon?)