the weather is getting colder by the minute (thanks a lot, canada!) + our family always starts to get a bit restless once our beloved outdoor activities slow down a bit! but we've vowed to get carazayyyy more often + get our sillies out whenever it's proving to be a bit much for us all. spontaneity isn't my strong suit (let's blame my chronic anxiety disorder on that one, shall we?) but i'm trying. letting go is what we all need a little more of + what better examples than these two with their crazy light + happy personalities! what kind of music do you play for your kids!? i'm at such a loss sometimes! we do the classic 'kids' music, pop songs, some classical when we're doing art + stuff... plus some probably (entirely) inappropriate early 90's r&b; the stuff i grew up on, haha! oh + musical soundtracks, duh! we took henri to see matilda (the musical) + he requests it often!

it's always the moments where everyones laughing + together that stick out but we so rarely grab the camera for a little snap of all the fun! thankful for a hubby who knows the value of a few simple photos, i hope these babies look back on these times fondly! also, by babies i meant basically full grown humans cause look at them... there's barely any baby left in 'em + that gives this mama all the feels (+ then some!)

happy dancing, everyone!