this past weekend was spent basking in the amazing sunshine & trying to tire out these babes who seem to have an endless supply of energy! we headed out for a family bike ride on saturday afternoon & even stopped for a scooter break. i can't believe how good henri is on that thing, he looks like an 18 year old with all his speed & smooth moves. magnolia was so happy to watch him ride around & even cheered him on with the sweet little claps.

when dustin brought home a scooter for henri just before his first birthday, i won't lie, i was terrified but am i ever glad he talked me into letting him play around with it from such a young age. it's really paying off & it's so neat to see how much he enjoys it. daddy also gave nola a scooter for her first birthday this past march & she's already slowly getting comfy sitting on it & even riding it around the house with some help! can't wait to see them riding together sometime soon, i absolutely love their ages right now & how much more adventurous they become with each passing day! here are some photos of our fun little ride together :)


you can find magnolia's watermelon romper here, henri's shorts here & his awesome shirt c/o piccolini nyc!

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