i want to introduce you guys to a rad brand i've fallen hard for, called Dear Kate. last month i got a love letter from them, along with some of their apparel/underthings & my it's like all my mama wishes were finally answered.

now, maybe i should explain that since becoming a mama i've been on the hunt for a good pair of 'mom' pants. don't roll your eyes... all moms wear them & they've been redefined in a big way. sure, some call them 'work out' pants, 'yoga' gear or even 'leisure' wear, but for me they are unapologetically 'mom' pants & i have no shame. i mean 'mom-ing' is a real thing & hard work at that so why wouldn't we be entitled to awesome pants that work just as hard as we do!? my 'mom' pant criteria included them looking modern, fitting like a glove, withstanding the wear & tear of minding little people all day/everyday, washing well, passing the see through test after being stretched over my healthy sized trunk & lastly, not sending a message into the universe that i was done trying at life. just when i was about to give up, these calf-length yoga pants happened to me & all was right in the world.

you see, when it comes to this blog, my social media & my 'for real' life, i like to be inclusive of all the wonderful & unique differences we all posess. but more than that, i like to be celebratory of them! in the past & even presently,  i've gone through such fiercely emotional bouts of facing my deep rooted body issues, as most women do & i'm very conscious of what i share & how i share it when it comes to anything relating to body image. when i saw that Dear Kate's mission statement was ' to give all women the confidence to do anything by equipping them with apparel that’s up for the challenge.' & that their sizes ranged from an XS to 3X, i knew we were a match made in body positive feminist heaven. 

they sent me underwear too. i'm not sure how i feel telling you all about my underwear woes but i  will tell you that after squatting down to do up a million shoe laces, picking up 'WHAT IS THAT EVEN!? EW' off the floor a billion times a day, picking babies up, putting them down, chasing them all over & everything in between- they didn't ride up ONCE. not a single wedgie thanks to their crazy awesome technology developed by chemical engineer & founder Julie! plus NO VPL. uh huh, you heard right mamas. there was also lace involved, so pretty!

i challenge you all to invest intentionally for yourselves & your families in support of brands that design uniquely, manufacture slowly & locally, while  promoting messaging in line with what you'd like the future to look like for our littles. to me, that awareness transcends to the harsh, negative branding we're tolerating- it matters & it can change with our help! i stand for brands who love us just the way we are... Dear Kate is just that for me & i'm proud to share them with all of you :)

oh & the best part is that we're hosting a giveaway with Dear Kate on my IG page where you & a friend both have a chance to win a pair of their yoga pants! yay!