we've had a doozy of a couple weeks! a trip to the hospital (everyone is fine!), strep throat, hand food & mouth disease, sleepless nights, eating strikes & tantrums on the hour! i'm SO glad to report we're feeling worlds better this week than we were the last but we were itching to get outside! for a family like ours who LIVES to be outdoors exploring, the last little while of being too contagious to leave the house had us feeling totally frustrated.

over the weekend we took a little trip to one of our favourite spots to dip our toes (or our entire bodies if you're henri & daddy) in the water, hike, enjoy the sunshine & see how many chipmunks we could find in the forest (4!). it was such a relief to see their familiar smiles back on their tiny faces! 

being cooped up inside has reminded us just how lucky we are to have such beautiful surroundings & more importantly the time to spend getting out to enjoy them all as a family. we're working on a summer bucket list to inspire us to seize these wonderful days & make some beautiful memories this summer!

what's on everyones summer bucket list for 2015!?

ps... i have to get out from behind the camera more often! i'm in none of my recent posts & it's important that they have some shots of mommy & them. next time!

you can find hernia's swim trunks here, shoes here. magnolia's bathing suit here. & our play mat here!