I PUT DIAPER CREAM ON MY FACE (& other beauty secrets)...

i get emails & comments often asking about my skin care & makeup routine. i've been hesitant in sharing it because i KNEW you'd laugh! basically, diaper cream (well, not actual diaper cream but the cream i use to soothe my own babies bottoms) is my secret. SEE! stop giggling & enjoy some ridiculous selfies instead...

i'll do another post about the whole makeup situation (ughhhh to makeup) but let's get down to the skin care nitty gritty here & now. so by now you'll probably notice that we use & LOVE The Honest Company! we've been doing their diapers & wipes bundle since the kids were born & shortly after, we also started adding on the essentials bundle! we get everything to take care of our diapering, bath time, house cleaning & hygiene needs delivered right to our doorstep. but since the sizes of product are quite generous, i was sometimes having the luxury of throwing in a product or two for myself in our essentials bundle! i've basically tried most of what they make & not only do i find the performance above & beyond that of comparable product, but for me it's the price points that you just can't beat! i totally realize that everyone has different means & priorities but our family focuses on putting clean, safe products in & around our house, our children & ourselves!

okay, so back to the goods! 

firstly, i wash my face with the most exciting product that's even been invented. ever. it's called bar soap. ground breaking stuff ;) tangerine vanilla is where it's at in the scent department for me. this stuff is simple. its super moisturizing without leaving anything on your skin! you can read all about all the great stuff that's in it but for me, it just does the job in a lovely smelling way.

sometimes (about once a week or so), i'll throw in a little dab of sea salt & sugar body scrub with my soap to get a wicked exfoliating thing going on. that stuff is gold & i use it on my body, about once a week too!

in the morning, i'm all about healing balm as my moisturizer. you'll get it & think 'i can't use this on my face, i'll break out' but truth be told, you won't break out & you'll fall in love with it. & you'll be hooked. & use it for everything. like your children's bottoms as diaper cream. & as your face moisturizing. maybe even a foot cream. you'll have one in the car. in your purse. on every floor of your house. & you'll thank me later! (eczema peeps, like myself, this is your answer!!!)

sun protection. always. i use sunscreen stick spf 30 over my healing balm application but i use it only where i know i'll be his by the sun. maybe that's not the right way to do it, but that's how i do it. top of my forehead, my nose & the tops of my ears. rub, rub, rub! & throw it in your purse to reapply on yourself & the kiddos.

oh, & i remove my makeup with body oil. listen, no one said i knew what i was doing. i'm just sharing my flawed logic with everyone. it's oil, it rubs, it's gentle & it takes my makeup off like a charm! i also use it on my body at the end of a shower. it's gold! don't be afraid of oils, i always thought lotions were the way but no. oils are the new lotions & i'm never going back. i also use this on my face sometimes overnight!

& because i believe that everything on the outside is a reflection of how things are feeling on the inside, i'm on a prenatal one-a-day (no, i'm not pregnant!)

& this lip balm trio is the best!

if you're looking for a new routine with little commitment, great ingredients & beautiful results TRY AN essentials bundle, your skin will thank you for it! 

& because The Honest Company loves my lovely readers almost as much as I do take advantage of their offer of $10 off a minimum purchase of $25 for new users by using


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