this is for the friend who once told me i was lucky to not have to focus on my weight because my face was pretty.

this is for the uncle that once told me i still have time to lose weight after hearing of our future wedding plans.

this is for the aunt who answered 'she still has 20 lbs. to lose' to my asking how her daughter was feeling after the birth of her first baby.

this is for my 80 year old grandmother who before saying 'hello' will exclaim the amount of weight she's lost since seeing you last.

this is for every daughter who has seen a look of disappointment on her mothers face while she scrutinizes herself in front of the mirror.

this is for every mother who values her self worth by a number on the scale.

this is for every woman who has been preoccupied with her weight for the majority of her life.

you are beautiful. you are enough. 

here's to changing our minds about our bodies & not changing our bodies for our minds!

may we accept them, love them & do what's best for them. may we cultivate acceptance for ourselves, for the journey & let go of the destination!



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