happy halloween! i can't stress how this holiday becomes exponentially more fun each year as the babes get more & more into it! this year we put a little party together for some of their littlest friends & i'm determined to make it a tradition every year. the littles had their costumes on from mid afternoon onwards, we played spooky games, had a craft table full of creative fun, had a bite to eat & decorated our very own cookies, complete with edible googly eyes. we even hit up a few of the best decorated houses in our area despite the rain & cold (it's like a rule that it rains on halloween in Canada, but it won't stop us.) 

another determination of mine it to have them dress up in coordinating costumes every year until the end of time. dustin (my husband) laughs when i say it, but i'm serious! partners in crime for life but especially on halloween! between last years costumes & this years... i'd say my dreams have come true so far. now we just have to keep it going :)

here are a few shots of the kids below,

hope you all had a wonderful halloween too!