Hola Friends...

at a time when i'd normally apologize for not posting too much over the last little while, i'll take the opportunity instead to say that we've quite honestly just been having WAY too much fun :)

we're in mexico right now with my parents & are all happy as clams to be together in such a beautiful setting. the kids love (LOVE) it here & we love watching them explore the wonders of this incredible place with so many fun things keeping up busy!

a little time away with the people you love most just resets your mind & spirit. i'm so thankful for that. since being here, we've been talking about how to make our work & business as portable as possible in hopes of broadening our pool of possibility in the way we live our lives day to day. we've been chatting about changes, decisions. & possibilities. however big or small, they're are so meaningful in creating a space for ourselves & our families in the world that makes us happiest.

if nothing more, this experience reminds me that no matter your situation, your hardships, your joys, your attachments or your freedoms- you still have choices. sometimes it's easy to dwell on the things we have no control over in life & get comfy there. obsessing over reasons not to do things. but with a spark of inspiration, sometimes found in the most unlikely of places, there's always a way to rediscover the portion of life we do have control over. & once reminded of it, it somehow feels so joyously & hopefully infinite. 

here's to having an open heart that allows you to make choices about life that feels good. great, even. surrounded by the people your heart beats for in beautifully inspiring places that awakens the possibility of our lives! xo

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