Sweater Weather...

fall is here! the weather has been a little cooler lately but we're embracing the chilly sweater weather.

we're lucky enough to live in a pretty amazing area for young families with a park near by in every direction & some amazing trail systems to explore. we love being outside!

we're working on our fall bucket list over the weekend & looking for some suggestions! what are your favourite things to do when the weather turns a little cooler in the fall? apple picking is on the top of my list. & pie baking to follow, naturally :)

oh! & speaking of sweater weather, check out henri & nola's cozy hoodies. they look basically adorable in everything (not biased or anything here...) but Little Hip Squeaks strikes again with their new line for the fall that launches today! we're obsessed.

here's to many more family strolls in the wonderfully colourful outdoors this season! can't wait!

stay cozy friends

mama in bloom// xo