Just Like Daddy...

henri is my hubby's biggest fan. everything daddy does, henri has to do. what i'm now realizing is that daddy's thrill seeking ways are quickly rubbing off on our little guy & there's no stopping him! 

so when daddy surprised us on our walk the other day, after he got home from a meeting (on his long board of course), henri could hardly contain his excitement!  the way this kid can pick up just about anything so quickly ASTOUNDS me. he's been riding a scooter since before a year old (like, actually. riding it properly & all) & been zipping around on his balance bike since around that time too. he loved the long board so much & quickly figured out the perfect way to ride it, on his tummy!*

watching these two boys together is always such a pleasure & i know this is just the start of their lifelong adventures. can't wait to see it continue!

mama in bloom// xo

*MOMS & anyone else who noticed, i know. i know. i know. i know. i'm sorry & it won't happen again. slipped both our minds. we know & value the importance of safety but everyone makes mistakes.