Little Girl...

as always, time seems to be moving too fast & i feel this insane urgency building up inside me. take photos, don't forget this moment, be present, smile more. my entire day is full of these reminders from myself, but still i wish for longer, slower days with the people i love.

my little magnolia is five months old already & i can honestly say i don't know when that happened. she's eating solids, rolling all over the place, trying to crawl, almost sitting up & chatting her days away. the way she looks at her older brother is enough to make tears run down my cheeks & beam with boundless pride. she loves her books, her toys & her puppy.

she's happy, she's healthy, she's smart, she's beautiful & best of all, she's ours.

i took a few photos of her when henri was sleeping the other day & they capture her spirit perfectly. enjoy :) here are some photos of her as a newborn for comparison.

mama in bloom// xo