Adventures At The Pool...

last week i did a guest post over at Little Hip Squeaks Blog, giving everyone a glimpse into our family LHS Adventures & took over their Instagram for a day! we can't get enough of them or their unreal duds for little ones, my babes live in their amazing designs.

we had so much fun putting everything together & documenting our outings as a family, it was truly such a treat. editing down photos from five different mini adventures for one post was a challenge but i did it!

that also means that there were lots of little captures you didn't see. so each day this week, i'll be sharing some of our favourite snaps from each one of our adventures for you guys to enjoy!

here's our adventure to the pool by our house!

you can also see one of henri's first times swimming here & lots of baby toes dipped in the ocean on our trip to mexico last year here.

mama in bloom// xo