Mama In Bloom, Under Construction...

notice anything different? 

i redesigned my blog & so hope you like it!

i've never felt like i've had a space that fully represented me & what i'm hoping to do with the way i share parts of my life, until now. boy, does it feel good! i'm a little more knowledgeable, a lot more inspired & ready to take this whole blogging thing a little more seriously (i never know if you can talk about blogging on a blog, like i just did. but i'm going to anyways because i think it's weirder if i just don't mention it. as if i'm just always here- just casually recapping my life… )

we're fully into Summer mode here in Canada & it's been incredible. sun is shining. everyone is smiling. we're enjoying the outdoors everyday.

i. feel. great!

part of the lightness & overwhelming happiness i've been feeling lately is largely in thanks to a massive purge i've done over the past few months. my things. my feelings. my thoughts. my clothes. my body. i've been reworking it all. slowly of course, but i truly feel like i'm making progress.

i started with my house, in particular with my closet. see, my closet was an accumulation of wishes. clothes i wished i could still fit in. clothes i wished i didn't fit in. clothes i wished i wouldn't go back to fitting int. clothes i wished suited my personality. clothes of another person i wished i was & clothes of the exact person i was, that i wished i wasn't. 

i donated everything. EVERYTHING. minus; 2 pairs of pants, 6 t-shirts, a set of workout clothes & a handful dresses i loved too much to part with. it's funny how when you're ready for a change- everything in the universe helps you to achieve it. my mind & thoughts cleared the way so that i could do exactly what i needed to. as i tossed garment after garment into the huge garbage bags labelled 'DONATE', i didn't once second guess myself. i didn't hold onto my wishes anymore. i was ready to let go.

the only time my mind wandered was the second my husband loaded the bags into the back of our mini van, to be driven to the donation centre. i panicked. i wanted to through it all again. i wanted to keep just one shirt that i had been thinking about. i wanted to keep my "skinny" clothes for inspiration. i wanted to keep my "fat" clothes incase i fell off the wagon. i wanted control. but i resisted.

after that day & that panic, i haven't thought about it again. until now. & the only sentiment i'm feeling right this second is complete gratitude for whatever was keeping me in check while i was making once good decision after another. while i was learning that my on-going transformation didn't rely on wishes but rather on believing that whatever needs to happen- will! as long as i let it all flow. 

the rest went easily. kitchen. bedrooms. living spaces. shelves. drawers. basement. garage. it all went. lots donated & lots organized. lightening our home, our minds, our moods, our lives one little shift at a time. it's been glorious & i recommend that even if you start with just a small portion of one room, you'll see exactly the freedom that i'm talking about. 

what are somethings you do to make life a little more manageable come spring time? i'd love to hear as i'm now inspired to do as many things as possible that make me feel better & ease this amazing little life of mine! it's allowed me to reboot & focus on what really inspires me.

... i think i've finally found what it is...

the entire premise & title of my blog, MAMA IN BLOOM, is to encourage fellow moms & anyone really, to never stop growing, changing, challenging yourself for the better. the idea of being constantly in 'bloom' is what motivates me! it's made such an impact on me & the way i live, that i want to use this space to encourage, celebrate & talk about ways that we can all flourish in our day to day lives.

my dream is to facilitate a community of strong, interesting, complex, thriving, beautiful women who come to this space to learn, teach & be accepting of how we're all striving to live life in the most inspired ways. from motherhood, to family, to relationships, to rants, to products, to food, to drinks (moms needs drinks.), to travel, to beauty, to diy's- let's share it all & have so much fun along the way!

thank you for visiting my new little spot & i really do hope you'll keep coming back so i can get to know you! the way the wonderful online community has uplifted & encouraged me is truly overwhelming. i hope i can repay some of you here, with my words, photos & tips on how to be most fulfilled version of your already incredible self! 

all my love,

mama in bloom// xo