Currently Crushing...

summer is finally here! woo! to celebrate i thought i'd share a little rundown of what i'm currently crushing on. i have a little ongoing list of my 'current crushes' (products, articles, freebies, inspirations & even people i love to follow on social media), so i think it's time to actually share some of them with you.

firstly, ice cream. eat it. it's summertime for crying out loud.

THIS article has helped me work through some of my body issues & paralyzing fear of the dreading swimsuit. if you have kids, or don't have kids, or need a bit of encouragement in these summer months, READ IT.

the 'pineapple of my eye' poster is a free download from The Alison Show, & everyone needs one in their lives. our is proudly displayed in our playroom

Insta-moms are my jam & if you're looking for someone über talented, sincere, loving, beautiful, not to mention just real damn cool, @prjonaplym is your girl. her IG account is oh, & her son is one rad little guy too! she inspires me.

aaaaaaaand last but not least... my hubby & i have challenged each other to do the WHOLE30  starting July 1st.

& follow along with us if you're up for it. so much for crushing on ice cream...

mama in bloom//xo