Sibling Bonding...

i love sunday mornings for a lot of reasons, but mostly because of how lazy you're allowed to be. we sleep in a bit (depending on the babes, obviously) , lounging is a must & we usually get off to an awfully slow start.

this past sunday something pretty amazing happened... my kids were in love!

not rational 'i love you' kind of love, they're much too young for that. like REAL love. the kind of love that just happens & keeps happening. smiles, handholding, hair twirling, cheek grazing, kissing, nuzzling, eye locking, laughing out loud kind of love. 

my hubby & i often will look at each other wondering if we're doing anything right. if we're good parents. if our babies are getting all they need, in all the ways they need it. we always come to the same conclusion. that we're doing our best. 

but if there's any sign in the world that our best is good enough, it was this series of moments between the two people we live & do everything for. it was perfection & exactly the sign we needed.

to all the mamas & papas out there who wonder if your best is good enough too, just take one glance at your kids smiling faces & remind yourself that it sure is!

mama in bloom// xo