we went to visit santa claus today! they actually kind of liked him... sorta, maybe. but i mean what's not to like when santa is draped in a luxurious velvet ox blood cloak & had (kind of creepy) perfectly curled locks? MY KIDS LOOKED AT THE CAMERA & DIDN'T CRY... a true christmas miracle! you can see some shots of last christmas & a very sweet baby henri here.

i got REAL down on myself after halloween... i wasn't festive enough & didn't put much effort into it but i feel like i'm making it up BIG TIME with christmas (nola's FIRST christmas) this year. decorations are out, shopping is almost done & we're checking things off our 'holiday festivities list' (that's not a real thing, it only exists in my head) every. damn. day. next up is mass amount of cookie baking & decorating, more holidays movies, holiday music on at ALL (or an hour a day) times & umm... crafts! yes, crafts! SEE, i'm festive... back off halloween, i'm upping my game! what's your favourite holiday traditions in your family? i want more inspiration! leave them in the comments, i'll probably do them. i'll for sure 100% do them. i am basically santa. 

i leave you with unsolicited advice that isn't actually mine, but that i found today... so really i'm not giving any advice. i'm just sharing a quote. ohhh but it's good one. rocked my damn world & i know it will rock your too... 

We get so obsessed in getting others to understand us, to hear, see and validate us. If you are wrapped up in this spiral - pause. Stop for a moment and ask: “maybe this is beyond the other’s emotional literacy or spiritual education!” It is quite likely that you are trying to draw blood from a stone and resenting the stone for not giving. Try letting go, accepting and more than anything: settling into the wholeness of your own validation. When you go within your silence you will discover your own witness. This witness is more than sufficient. It is mighty.
— Dr. Shefali

happy holidays // mama in bloom, xo