Our Christmas Eve Family Tradition & How To Start Your Own This Year...

less than a week until Christmas, & as a mom i already have the overwhelming pressures of the last minute hustle! with two sets of families to celebrate with, extended family gatherings, work parties, friends dropping in & out- all in the name of spreading holiday cheer, it can be a lot but in the best way possible, of course!

that being said, we've decided that a little bit of special time as a family is a priority this year. Christmas day is usually busy for us! Christmas morning somehow goes by so quickly with anticipating the food that has to be prepared, family on their way over, plus little ones who still need naps & their routine.

so to take a bit of pressure off of the big day, our family is really focusing on making our time together very special & memorable on Christmas Eve! 

& here's how...

1. when we were dating i gifted my hubby this amazing wooden sled that's quickly become a favourite with our littles! we'll be taking this bad boy for a ride on Christmas Ever (with helmets of course). i love the idea of doing an activity that everyone can enjoy & partake in together. wether it's ice skating or a friendly snow ball fight, it's nice to just get outside & have fun together.

2. hot chocolate is a MUST when you come inside! i mean, you have to warm up & nothing says cozy like a steaming mug of deliciousness! my favourite mix is this one, but use whatever you have & get creative with it. we love putting together a fun little hot cocoa bar with topping galore; crushed candy canes, marshmallows, sprinkles, whipped cream! the kids love it!

3. after dinner we open up our 'Christmas Eve Family Pack' stocked with everything from new pyjama's (with these MATCHING little bears to snuggle with, how cute!?), a customized ornament for each babe, that they'll love to hang themselves on the tree (love these ones), snacks (THIS popcorn is a holiday game changer!), a new festive movie (A Charlie Brown Christmas, a must.), a little activity for some creativity (FREE printables to go along with our movie), a new holiday record (She & Him is my fave one of all time) & you guessed it BOOKS FOR BEFORE BED! (One Christmas one & one to add to our year round rotation!)

after we hang our ornaments, we'll be colouring away in our new p.j's with our holiday music on the record player. throwing our movie on, cuddling up on the couch together- snacks in hand! finishing our night off by reading our new books before bed &  excitedly leaving out some milk & cookies for our jolly visitor later on that night! this is what Christmas is about to me. the memories, the time together & the traditions i hope we keep going for a long time to come :)

the beauty about traditions is no matter how elaborate or simple they might be- it's the feeling you remember. the togetherness & the love in the little moments! a little planning & a lot of flexibility will surely make your Christmas Ever one for the books!

happy holidays friends!