Welcoming The Honest Company with Snow Day Cookies...

we haven't had much snow yet this season but yesterday, that all changed! more than a foot of snow fell overnight & all day long so we were happily stuck inside enjoying all the things snow days best suited are for. our honest company diapers & wipes bundle (the best diapers, seriously.) showed up on our door step mid morning & packed inside was the sweetest little surprise bag of organic cookie mix along with a cookie cutter too, all in celebration of their social goodness program with the help of families who support their awesome brand! love that & cookies, yay!

The Honest Company The Honest Company


TODAY THE HONEST COMPANY IS OFFERING FREE SHIPPING* & it's your last day to get in your order in time for Christmas!

 if you've never had the pleasure of using any of their products yet, get a FREE TRIAL asap! it's all my babes have ever known & i've fallen in love with each & every product over the last few years!

with that said, i'm SO beyond thrilled to welcome The Honest Company to Mama In Bloom as our newest affiliate!

it's awesome when a brand i know, love, trust, support & recommend wants to collaborate. i'm so proud of this partnership, can't wait to share more soon :)


so these two went to town in cookie decorating land. eating icing straight from the tube. 393842983 blue sprinkles straight into their mouths for ever 9 that landed on the cookies themselves. clapping. feeding each other. even licking icing off each others faces! ew.

i know i say it all day, everyday but i'm not going to stop anytime soon. my kids are the coolest humans. and it's so cool that i get to watch them together. it will never lose it's magic for me!

& now, these ridiculous photos of the fun they had. including blue mouths thanks to those sprinkles. pants were optional, of course.

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