My Top Newborn Picks...

i've been wanting to do this post for a long time now! 

when i was pregnant with my first, one of the most overwhelming tasks for me was filtering through every ones suggestions for baby & newborn gear.  it's a true blessing & a curse just how many options there are out there. i hope this little guide will help you out with some of the most important stuff you'll be choosing for your new little bundle.

i'm a huge supporter of small, local, handmade businesses but i wanted to compile a list that was easily accessible to everyone with things that are mostly commonly found in most baby stores or easily found online but i still encourage you to look for a smaller local boutiques to purchase from when you can. i find the service & attention to detail these smaller businesses will offer to be much more personal than one of the larger box stores. 

here we go…1. the Natursutten Round Butterfly Pacifier was a big hit with us. great cutout for your littles nose, very stretchy & durable, as well as 100% natural. plus easily attachable to a plush or clip (see #2 below) NoseFrida The Snotsucker, the only nasal aspirator that actually works! it's easy to use & so comfortable for baby as you don't go up their noses. it's gross (you literally suck your little snot out with your mouth, there's a filter though. lucky us) but a must buy.

next, I have one word: ZIPPER. 

i can't stress this one enough. zippers everywhere, on everything. always. until the end of time. 

ergoCocoon Swaddle & Sleep Bag is amazing! you'll want some swaddle blankets of sorts for the first few months & maybe even beyond. most of them are quite elaborate with tabs & Velcro & confusion. this one, however, is so simple. put baby in & zip up. you'll be so thankful in the middle of the night when changes happen smoothly with a single zip & minimal disruption to their sleep. there are different sizes and even the option for their arms to be out as they become more mobile.

my ZIPPER theory extends to sleepers as well… ZIPPERS PEOPLE, ZIPPERS. during the day, sure, sacrifice ease for cute factor but at night with a sleeper, stick to a zipper. this girly one 

from the Gap is to die for! I mean… flamingos rule. & this adorableness for the boys are both great examples.

2. Silly Buddy by Bunnies By The Bay looks like your standard plush but it's oh, so much more. you can attach your littles soother to its hand, not only making it fun & comforting for baby but also helping them keep their pacifiers in as they're always pulling the plush towards them as opposed to pulling the pacifier out. & it's attached so you can easily find it if it comes out. win, win for you both!

Duux Air Humidifier 'Mushroom' is basically just the most adorable thing ever. plus it serves such an important purpose, humidity as well as a nightlight for baby. it's award winning for a reason!

3. next i'll just list off the ridiculous amount of stuff we use from  The Honest Co. long story, short: i trust them. i love their products. they ship to my door monthly so there's minimal planning involved & everything is so cute it hurts. we use their… diapers, wipes, healing balm (diaper cream), 2in1 shampoo & body wash, conditioner or conditioning mist, body oil, sunscreen, bug spray & as of recently, some of their home cleaning products. they have a great free trial program, try that first & see how it goes!

4. baby wearing works miracles for us. baby is happiest snuggled up close to us & we were able to get so much more done with our hands free. i suggest getting a soft wrap style carrier for the beginning stages & a more structured one with a higher weight capacity for when they're able to better support their little heads or when you're being a little more active outdoors. the wrap by Solly Baby is hands down my most beloved newborn essential. i love their softness, how fashionable they are, ease of use but most importantly, i love that it keeps baby & i close and comfortably together. this one is a must buy!

we then moved onto the  ErgoBaby Carrier with the infant insert for long hikes & as they grow out of soft carriers.

i also wanted to include something fun & practical, a diaper bag! truth be told, i used mine a lot at the beginning & less now but a pretty one is never bad to have, especially if it's equally as useful. i know you're supposed to get something utilitarian that 'dad can use too' but you'll want at least one fancy one just for you, i like this one :)

5. next pick is a bit of a splurge & by no means necessary but i was lucky enough to get one as a gift & now i could never live without it! i would buy it over & over again, i love it so much. the aden & anais Serenity Star combines a feeding diary (right vs left side reminders for the breastfeeding mamas), takes the temperature of the room & glows red for when it's too hot/ blue for when it's too cold (this was super important to me after reading about SIDS prevention associated with temps), a sound machine (that goes ALL NIGHT LONG! i found this is a hard feature to find as most only go for 30 minutes at a time) & a clock- all in one!

also from aden & anais, we swear by their Bamboo Swaddles which we used for everything! they're soft, light but can be very warm when wrapped around baby. i use them as a breastfeeding cover, a swaddle blanket, burp cloth & a blanket. i never leave the house with at least two, one on baby & an extra in the diaper bag.

6. 4moms is such an innovative company & their products are so well thought out that once you get hooked you'll never look back. the mamaRoo is something that saved us. it's basically a motorised baby swing but it's much than that. not only does bounce up & down, but it also sways from side to side mimicking the way you would move with your baby in your arms. there are difference programmable motions (our favourite is the kangaroo), engaging reversible toy balls for baby to look at, different nature sounds (or you can plug in your iPhone & play your own music for baby), a newborn insert (that we never used but what a great idea!) & super easily removable/washable seat fabric choices. the breeze is the most incredible play yard of all time. click the link & watch the video… nothing i say here will do it justice. lastly, the infant tub by 4moms makes the terrifying task of bathing a newborn baby, into a true pleasure. baby is so secure in the unit, dirty water filters out so baby is only even in clean water while you wash them & it tells you exactly where to keep the temperature with a nifty colour-coded digital thermometer. a home run in the world of bathing baby!

7. one of the biggest purchase you will likely make for your bundle on the way is a stroller. there are LOTS out there, so many that when we initially went to go decide on one, my hormonal 34 week pregnant ass had a full blown emotional breakdown in a baby store… tears included.

hubby & i knew that we were going to try to have two babies relatively close together so i immediately felt anxious buying a single stroller as i knew i would be reselling it in the near(ish) future & going out to take a look at double strollers to replace it with. this is where the Bugaboo Donkey comes to the rescue! we purchased it in 'mono mode' for one child which features a SUPER useful basket next to the seat that makes any outing or shopping so much easier (& stable) as everything is very accessible. we have now bought the 'duo mode' kit to make it a double stroller for two children of different ages. (there is also a 'twin mode' version). the chassis of the stroller extends out to allow both children to sit side by side, while still being able to get through standard doorways! the smooth ride & simplicity of everything Bugaboo does makes this my top pick for strollers for one child, two children or twins alike!

we live in Canada & it's cold here if you haven't heard. we've given up on the idea of 'winter coats' as they can't be used in the car seat nor is any little ever comfortable in a huge puffy coat. we've found that  the 7amEnfant Blanket 212 evolution is the bomb. it's a bunting style outwear that fits into any car seat & stroller . it's adjustable length & width extensions means it will last your kids a long time! it has a hood and everything, like your child is in the warmest sleeping bag of all time that's attached to the car seat or stroller. it's genius & i'm so happy we stumbled across it.

i hope this helps a bit. i could go on for days about all things baby but thought i'd start here where things are most accessible & essential. i'll be doing more of these in the near future. i want to let you in on some of our favourite handmade, online stores. on what henri is into these days at 15 months old & of course where are the most amazing baby girl things i've found are from :)

comment below & let me know what i can help with, i'd love some suggestions!

hoping all the mamas & mamas to be are feeling good and enjoying these precious time.

the planning, the excitement & the newborn bliss are all such amazing stages filled with such beautiful moments. & the moments just keep getting better & better!

mama in bloom//xo