Hello 2014...

happy new year!

I hope everyone had an amazing time saying goodbye to 2013 & welcoming a fresh start in 2014.

we had a great night in with our little guy & enjoyed celebrating the most incredible year of our lives while looking forward to all the wonderful things we have coming up :) 

especially the addition of our little girl

my wish for this year is to be surrounded by the people we love most as much as we possibly can. 

we are so blessed to have unbelievable friends & family who are constantly reminding us how important it is to spend time together, making memories that last 

& I hope we can continue that this year.

to everyone who shows their support to our little family with their kind words & precious time, 

we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

may everyones year to come be full of all things that make you happiest, surrounded by the ones who love you most.

here is a look back at our favourite moments of 2013… enjoy!