The Little Lady...

this week I had the pleasure of going for 3D ultrasound to get a glimpse at the little lady!

 it was bittersweet because though it was just amazing to see her, I wish my hubby could have been there (he was being a champ & stayed with the little guy as it was nap time and due to a schedule change in the ultrasound, we couldn't find anyone to watch him). 

I cried the entire ride down there wishing he got to see her too… oh pregnancy hormones, you're the best.

he's made such a point to be at every prenatal appointment & every doctor's checkup that I think it was hard to not be together for such a big, exciting one but we made up for it in a full photo/DVD viewing party when I got home! 

did I mention he's the best dad of all time? because he truly is!

3D ultrasounds are INSANELY cool & here are some photos of the most beautiful little girl I've ever laid eyes on… 

her lips! those cheeks! her little button nose! she even gave us a little smile towards the end!

I could stare at these forever :)

mama in bloom//xo

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