Merry & Bright...

merry christmas!

we're just coming down from the single most amazing holiday season of all time! 

I know everyone says that christmas is even more exciting watching it through the eyes of your children, but OH MAN- I was not expecting to have such a wonderful time.

we were surrounded by so many friends (many who live out of town, so it was so special to see them) & our beloved family. there was plenty of hot chocolate, christmas movies, sleigh rides (a gift from Henri's grandparents) & fun in the snow.

last year at this time Henri was only a few months old, so though the photos of our little elf were adorable & we had such a fun time picking out gifts for him- he really had no idea what was going on. fast forward a year later & it's as if the kids been taking lessons on all things holiday! 

he had the tearing into the gifts down to an art & even gently spent time enjoying each toy before moving onto opening the next. it was so special to watch him all day, he really is just one of the sweetest little souls I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. & he's ours to keep!

apparently the little lady in my belly got the memo that is was christmas as well because she was moving more than ever before all day long. with each little (or not so little) kick she gave me that day, I was reminded of the true gifts I've been given this christmas, & every single day for that matter… 

my two precious babies :)

here are a few of the photos from our special day, can you tell which toy was his favourite? 

my little music enthusiast!


mama in bloom//xo