A Mother's Day Gift...

with mother's day just around the corner I wanted to share what we're putting together for the special ladies in our lives.

i believe in simplicity, beauty & personalisation when it comes to giving gifts!

this year we're putting together a gorgeous trio of succulents along with a little personalised keepsake & of course a lovely handwritten card.

i remember a few years ago when i first fell in love with succulents they were almost impossible to find, however they were relatively affordable (I spent $2 a plant 3 years back!!!). 

but since their ever growing popularity it's hard to find them for less than around $6! 

however... my amazing detective skills brought me to a staple store in our house, IKEA!, where we got our potted succulents for our mother's day gifts at $3 a pop, what a steal! & they're even grown locally!

 i live at the dollar store & was quite pleased to find these charming galvanised flower pots with a tray at $2 for the set! i find them so adorable & the perfect addition to any window sill

i then hammered small drainage hole in the bottom of the three pots, layered them with fine rocks, soil & then the plants. the drainage of these plants are important so please take the time to do this step!

 here they are all planted & looking pretty

i wrapped a beautiful ribbon around the tray, use what you have!

for the personalised portion of our gifts we used  blurb to make a little keepsake book of photos of our son. what grandma, mom or even close family friend doesn't like to enjoy a few photos of your little ones? the interface is super easy to use & the shipping it quick!

i then hand wrote a simple little card on some leftover card stock I had laying around 

& our gift is complete! 

 some other options for the planters include:

... herbs! you can find these anywhere for very inexpensive.

 include a little handwritten recipe using all three herbs 

so the recipient has something to look forward to!

... flowers! to brighten any ones day!

... cacti! they also had the most amazing cactus collection at Ikea. 

so colourful & almost no maintenance required!

most importantly please enjoy your time putting gifts together for others. it's such a great feeling when you take a little time, creativity & heart 

when letting someone special know how important they are to you!

& happy upcoming mother's day to all the mamas out there!

mama in bloom//xo