Five Minute, Five Dollar, Faux Floral Crown...

i'm desperate for spring weather. 

so to get myself into the spirit i picked up some faux blooms for my local dollar store! 

at first i thought i'd maybe make something for my home or maybe even find some cute way to display them but no... 

i, of course, had to make them into a floral crown.

you might be wondering where i would wear such a beautiful crown... and my answer to you would be EVERYWHERE.

i wear is proudly all over my house while doing my mundane day to day tasks & it makes me feel pretty fab, i won't lie... & it drives my husband crazy ("why are you wearing that thing?") so that's a bonus!

anyways, should you be so inclined to make your own floral crown (i mean... how fun for a family photo shoot or to do as a craft for a little girls birthday party!?) 

here's the how to...

pick some blooms! and please don't pay for than one dollar for each of them. i kept it to two large focal flowers and smaller ones as filler. make sure that the stems are wired and easily pliable

take your biggest bloom (or which ever has the longest stem) and bend it in the shape of a circle and make it a few inches bigger than the circumference of your head (you'll need room for the other flowers to wrap over it)

take the end of the stem and wrap it a few times around the base of the flower... i used for pliers to make sure i had a tight wrap and that it would stay in place

decide where you want the big bloom on your head and take another bloom with smaller flowers and start to wrap it around your crown starting at the base of the flowers. once you have the stem wrapped, go back and twist each individual little flowers around the crown

it should start to look like this. put the crown back onto your head and see how your flowers are sitting. adjust all you'd like!

for my accompanying smaller blooms, i cut the individual flowers off of the longer stem so it would be easier to control where i put them on. it also let's you disperse the flowers & colours a little better

at this point i threw in another larger bloom, don't worry about it being balanced. however you like it is the perfect way to do it! take the time when you're done to tuck flowers, stems & leaves any way you'd like. i cut the majority of the leaves off the stems before i started

i only took my blooms about half way around my crown but you could for sure go all the way around. just be sure to get plenty of smaller flowers to finish off the look

here she is all done!

mama in bloom//xo