A Trip To Mexico...

hi everyone! 

we just got back from a great vacation in Mexico & wanted to share some photos of our favourite moments. it was Henri's first trip & I've got to admit that he was the best little boy. 

a real pleasure to travel with! 

from the flights & car rides, to the sand in his eyes on the beach (oops... mommy & daddy are leaning to how to travel with a little too...) he was in the best of moods!

i guess because of the heat & all the swimming we did, naps were long each day which was perfect for getting a bit of time for the hubs & I to lay out in the sun.

we stayed in a beautiful gated community about one hour outside of Cancun called Puerto Aventuras. i would highly recommend travelling there with littles. wether it be in one of the few beautiful hotels in the community or renting a condo for a week, it was so child friendly, clean & safe.

we ventured a few times to amazing Playa Del Carmen (15 minutes away from where we stayed) to look around the town & go out for a few delicious meals. we also visited the pristine beaches of Tulum & the incredible Turtle Beach in Akumal where you can snorkel for free with turtles (they're part of a great sanctuary they've created there)!

it was so nice to slow down and enjoy each other in such a beautiful setting. i wasn't expecting travelling with a 4.5 month old would be relaxing but kept our cool, stayed flexible & he followed suit. 

our days consisted of slow mornings on the patio, dipping in the pool or ocean in the afternoon, enjoying freshly caught fish almost everyday & strolling in the great little town. i loved how were all able to really get into the vacation groove quite quickly & soak up all the memories we could together!

here are some photos from our trip...

amazing meals in Puerto Aventuras

our favourite market in the community centre that comes a few times each week  

mr. henri enjoying the pool

little & big toes dipped in the ocean

fresh caught snapped with avocado & grapefruit salad we made ourselves

enjoying some time outside before sunset

daddy & henri were obsessed with each other as always

this is one of my all time fav photos 

matching pants & little feet

that is love.

can you tell he loves the water?

hope you enjoy them & all have an incredible week!

mama in bloom//xo