On The Verge Of Mamahood...

so I'm pregnant. with my first little. and only four days away from my due date!





*kind of uncomfortable

*& am trying hard not to think about it, all at the same time.

i've had the most amazing pregnancy so far, not without the usual symptoms of course, but i didn't find any of them bad enough to be anything be filled with elation at the mere idea that i'm growing a little in my belly. with the man i love. i've been healthy, happy & trying my absolute best to think about all the aspects of mamahood that i'll be faced with- even though I know any planning that goes on in my head will immediately be thrown out the window once baby gets here. i'll learn as we go I guess!

it's a he. did i mention that? it's a little boy i'm growing. at first the idea of a little boy terrified me but over the past (almost ten!) months i've gotten so used to the idea and so excited to have a little mister on the way i can't even remember the reasons i was so caught up with at the beginning as to why i was a nervous wreck.

hubs and i have enjoyed the experience of pregnancy so much. the midwives visits. putting his nursery together. buying everything cute & little & manly & interesting we could find for him. talking for endless hours about what kind of parents we'll strive to be. how stress and competitiveness are the enemy for littles and how we'll do everything in our power to keep him safe. how we'll spend out time as a family. how much we'll all laugh together. i could go on forever but the amount of daydreaming we've done about what it will be like to invite this little boy into our family is borderline ridiculous, in the most beautiful way possible :)

if there's one thing i know going into the final weeks of my pregnancy and being on the verge of mamahood... is that i know nothing at all. all i can be is accepting of this fact and just ride the wave of this amazing change and gift in our lives

***we love you and can't wait to meet you little mister. we talk about you too much and can't wait to fight over who gets to hold you all the time. we talk about the places we want to show you and the things we want to do together. and all the funny things we want to tell you. we love you beyond anything we could use words to describe and hope you feel it once you're here. please remember that we're doing out best, will make mistakes and we always want the best for you. we're here for you always and forever for any reason at all. we are so looking forward to watching grow & learn but most important- laugh & learn to love life.

we love you we love you we love you. see you soon baby boy***

i've included some of the beautiful maternity shots that 


 did for us... hope you enjoy them!  

mama in bloom//xo

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