A Little Nursery...

we've been asked a lot about baby boys nursery. where we got stuff, what colour the walls were and even where we picked up all the little accents. so i thought i'd post some pictures and let everyone know where it's all from (if i can remember correctly!). we had such a great time planning and putting together this nursery... we love the outcome & hope you do too :)


find the wall paper here

find the shelves here

find the mobile here

find the sheep here & the crib sheet  here (shown in painted stripe fern)

find the monster plush here & we thrifted the antique mini rocking chair

find the crib here. the bedskirt & bedding (bumper etc. not shown) here

the ceiling light we found at a small local lighting store for a great deal but the got inspiration for it here. find the window coverings here

find the orange fox plush here

we've received our real glider (not the one in the photo) & you can find it here

find the oversized map here. the diaper cart here

the change table we chose is a vintage piece that we can reuse afterwards,  i suggest using a piece you love

the mirror you can find here. the 'h' and other zinc letters find here.

the white animal busts we found at various discount stores & are quite easy to find

the two bronze giraffes we thrifted as well, find all you can at unique stores- you'll be happy you have the only one! also the wall colour is from benjamin moore- whitestone (2134-60)

find the book shelf here. find the insert baskets here. the dog (boo) plus you can find here

find the wooden sushi set here. the rest shown are gifts the baby has been given or vintage!

this one is a limited edition lomography camera, but find similar styles here

the heritage doll we got on our travels to asia & is a handmade one of a kind!

find the growth chart here

if i have a single piece of advice when trying to decide how to decorate a nursery, it would be to find pieces that aren't inherently FOR a nursery and to repurpose them to work with your needs! 

the only two pieces we purchased that were for a nursery were the crib (which is neutral and will be used to our littles to come in the future) and the glider (which can be used as a normal lounger once it's not being used in the nursery anymore). 

that way these pieces can stick with the child as they grow or can be put somewhere else in your home to serve another purpose at some point down the road.

we had so much luck taking the time to go thrifting and antiquing. i love the idea of bringing some history and character into a nursery with unique pieces you can't find anywhere else. 

not to mention the amazing prices you can find for the quality you're getting... it's unbelievable!

hope you have fun decorating and please take your time. if you have your eyes open for things whenever you're out and about and don't try to rush into getting everything, matching, at once- you'll be golden and left with a room you love, your little with love and that everyone can grow with!

mama in bloom//xo

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